What Are Some Good LED Light Bulbs for Home Use?


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The best LED bulbs for home use provide 800-1100 lumens of brightness in a warm white hue. These parameters will best mimic the light given off by standard home incandescent bulbs.

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Incandescent bulbs are typically categorized by wattage, but LED bulbs can provide the same brightness as incandescents while using significantly fewer watts. Therefore consumers should buy LED bulbs that provide a comparable amount of lumens when replacing incandescent bulbs. CNET provides an online chart to help consumers match the brightness of incandescent and LED bulbs.

LED bulbs can display many different colors of light. To find a bulb that provides a light quality similar to that of incandescents, make sure the bulb gives off a "warm" light and has a high number of kelvins (2,700 to 3,500).

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