What Are Some Good Lawn and Garden Tractors?

Some good lawn and garden tractors include the Toro GT420, Craftsman 20442, John Deere X300 and the Troy-Bilt Mustang tractors, according to Consumer Reports and Popular Mechanics. These tractors provide high-tech features and improved cutting abilities.

Craftsman and John Deere both offer quality low-priced lawn and garden tractors. The Craftsman 20442 turns tightly around the yard, mulches evenly and has a large deck, making it feel more stable. John Deere's X300 is another low-priced lawn tractor that is very stable when riding up and down hills, while the company's s240 Sport offers side-discharging features. A cheaper option is the Snapper NXT2346, which offers high-tech features such as an LED screen on the dashboard and a meter that shows information about changing the oil and filters.

Zero-turn-radius lawn and garden tractors allow for easy turning on flat lawns and provide high speeds up to approximately 4 mph. One such tractor is the Troy-Bilt Mustang Pivot 17ARCBDTT tractor. Another Troy-Bilt Mustange, the 17WFCACS, is slightly cheaper and has a 42-inch deck with high-rated cutting performance. Toro tractors, including the Toro SW4200 74784, are typically more expensive but provide a steering wheel and front wheels that steer as opposed to a tractor's standard levers.