What Are Some Good Large Pillows for Lying on the Floor?


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Some good large pillows for lying on the floor include the Porter Bedrest lounger, the Original Big Joe large pillow lounger or the Vercart Living floor pillow set. Floor pillows are great for activities such as watching a movie or playing a board game.

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The Porter Bedrest lounger comes in a very popular style for floor pillows, offering essentially a chair back that rests on the floor. This style enables users to sit up easily while remaining comfortable. The short arm rests on the side offer extra cushion for leaning on an elbow along with additional stability so that the pillow does not roll away.

The Original Big Joe large pillow lounger comes in a more straightforward style with a standard rectangular pillow shape in an extra large size. The pillow uses durable SmartMax fabric that resists tears and stains in order to stand up to the additional wear and tear that a floor pillow endures.

The Vercart Living floor pillow set offers a more playful, imaginative option for family room floor comfort. These unique pillows come in irregular round shapes that resemble natural river bed stones, except that they are soft and plush. Children and the young at heart may enjoy the surreal design of these pillows, and their soft comfort makes them suitable for rest or play.

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