What Are Good Landscaping Techniques for a Small Front Yard?


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One good landscaping technique for a small front yard is to limit the types of plants that are used when landscaping. Another good technique is to scale the size of the plant beds to the size of the house. Ensure that there is a sense of unity to the yard by using plants that have similar textures and forms. Plants should also frame the door to create a focal point.

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Use no more than five to 10 species of perennials, three to five shrubs and one or two types of trees to ensure that the small yard does not appear cluttered. An uncluttered appearance is also accomplished by planting similar species of plants together and repeating the pattern throughout the yard. Beds holding the plants should extend at least half of the width of the house to give the yard a uniform appearance.

Extending plant beds from the front of the home to the sidewalk also gives the yard a more uniform appearance by ensuring that they are in scale with the house. The same technique works well when planting perennials along the walkway leading to the house and along the sidewalk. The plant pathway also works well when it is only used along the walkway, halfway between the street and the house, and ended in front of the house instead of being used as a continuous path.

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