What Are Some Good Landscaping Stones?

What Are Some Good Landscaping Stones?

Good landscaping stones are available in a vast array of natural varieties or manufactured stones that are lighter weight and easier to install. Both offer perks and drawbacks, so ultimately the best landscaping stones are the ones that suit particular needs.

For outdoor projects, many homeowners choose natural stone. They offer durability, attractive texture and virtually every color imaginable. For homeowners doing the project themselves, composite stone, which is lighter and easier to install, may be the better option.

Both natural and manufactured landscaping stones are available in cut and uncut varieties. For homeowners wanting a more natural look, uncut stones may be a better option. Cut landscape stones give a back yard a more unified look, but they can cost significantly more than their uncut counterparts.

Homeowners can mix both natural and manufactured stones, as well as cut and uncut varieties, for a unique look. Imported stones are a great option for those who want a unique, exotic look, while natural stones from the local area lend an authentic look and usually cost less.

Since there are thousands of choices, some homeowners hire landscape designers to help with the selection process. Another way to determine what stone to use is to get advice from neighbors, family and friends.