What Are Some Good Landscaping Shrubs?


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Good landscaping shrubs include oakleaf hydrangea, fountain butterfly bush, Korean spice viburnum and summersweet. These hardy shrubs produce flowers and require little maintenance, but climate and site conditions determine the right planting location.

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For shrubs, cold tolerance is the key factor for regional plant location. Use the lowest winter temperature average and compare it to the hardiness temperature of a plant to determine if a shrub thrives. For landscape location, consider the amount of sun, wind, water and snow the plant is likely to receive.

Oakleaf hydrangea is a good shrub for the southeast United States, and Korean spice viburnum is a good choice for the northwest. Both shrubs are able to withstand temperatures of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The hydrangea produces large cone-shaped flower clusters in summer, red-colored leaves in fall and rich brown bark in winter. The viburnum shrub is colorful also. It produces fragrant white flowers in spring and blue fruit in summer

The fountain butterfly bush is a good choice for the Rocky Mountain states because it is able to withstand temperatures of minus 30 F while producing lilac flowers in spring. In the northeast United States, summersweet, a shrub that withstands temperatures of minus 40 F and thrives in shade, works well. It produces fragrant white and pink flowers and, like the other shrubs, does not require pruning or fall cleanup.

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