What Are Some Good Landscape Terracing Ideas?


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Some good terrace landscaping ideas include building terraced boxes down the slope of a hill, building increasingly lower stone and brick walls, adding in steps and installing a waterfall. Landscapers can also use square-cut shrubs for terracing.

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A good, basic terracing idea for landscapes is to build a wall that not only prevents soil erosion and holds back the soil, but also offers more planting opportunities on a slope and serves as a decorative touch. For instance, precisely set brick or roughly laid stone creates walls where moss, hens-and-chicks, thyme and trailing lobelia can grow in the crevices. Plant shrubs or bushes along the top of the wall with ground cover along the bottom or tall flowers. For steep slopes, add several stone walls, starting from the highest point and ending at the bottom of the slope.

A waterfall is another good terracing idea because it flows naturally downhill. The steeper the slope, the more dramatic the waterfall. With a small bridge, trees, leafy plants and an electric pump to bring the water back to the top, the landscaping resembles a natural paradise. Adding a stone path or steps down the hill or making a switchback adds convenience and decreases the grade of the incline.

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