What Are Some Good Landscape Drainage Systems?


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Good landscape drainage options include a channel drain, French drain or catch basin. Homeowners can channel the water and have it drain into their yards or directly drain into the street's sewer system. They can also use a rain barrel to collect roof drain-off and use that water for irrigation purposes.

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Channel drains are a good choice for areas in which the ground surface cannot absorb water, such as asphalt driveways, brick patios or sandstone courtyard. Most channel drains have a narrow metal grate that allows the water to drain directly into the open channel. A channel drain must drain into the street, into a rain garden, or into a leeching or sump pump drywell.

A catch basin uses round or square grates to collect rainwater into small underground tubs. Each tub connects to a solid drain pipe that drains into another drainage system that disposes of the water. This drainage system works with grass yards and other water permeable ground coverings.

French drains are a good choice for areas in the yard with grass and landscaping. A French drain works by grading the soil to encourage the water to drain into a gravel-filled trench with a perforated drainage pipe that also collects excess water. Homeowners can plant grass or other landscaping over the French drain to camouflage it. Also, the combination of perforated pipe and gravel encourages the water to drain back into the yard. To prevent the water from draining towards the house, contractors can use plastic sheeting along one side of the drain.

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