What Are Some Good KitchenAid Outdoor Grills?

What Are Some Good KitchenAid Outdoor Grills?

The Home Depot customers rate KitchenAid propane gas and charcoal grills highly. The propane grills produce even heat, and the charcoal grill has an adjustable heat box for slow grilling.

KitchenAid manufactures outdoor grills in partnership with other companies. The Home Depot customers favor the KitchenAid three-burner propane gas grill with side burners. One reviewer compliments the quick ignition system and even heat distribution but notes that the side panels are vulnerable to rusting from weather exposure.

The five-burner propane grill with LED controls is a favorite because the five main burners and the two side burners produce a steady blue flame. However, one customer recommends including LED lights in the handle to see the cooking surface when raising the hood at night.

For charcoal grilling, The Home Depot customers prefer the KitchenAid cart-style grill. It is sturdy but easy to move, states one reviewer. The damper and ash tray adjust effortlessly, while the sides add space for holding pans and utensils. One customer appreciates that the sides fold down, which saves space when in storage.

Model numbers are necessary when contacting the manufacturers directly. As of October 2015, product codes that begin with "K" are KitchenAid. Nexgrill models use 720, 730, 740 and 750 codes.