What Are Some Good Kitchen Renovation Ideas?

good-kitchen-renovation-ideas Credit: Anders Bergstedt/Maskot/Getty Images

One good kitchen renovation idea is to use the space on both sides of the kitchen evenly. This makes the space appear more open and less crowded. If the countertops on the opposite walls are more than 8 feet apart, an island should be added between them, so the space doesn't appear empty.

Another good kitchen renovation idea is to focus on the flooring. Use cork flooring to give the room a warm, inviting feeling. Cork flooring also absorbs sound and is comfortable underfoot. Character can be added to the space by using mismatched seating at the dining table. A mixture of chairs and benches can personalize the space and add an interesting look to the room.

Custom touches added to the kitchen make for a unique design. These touches can be incorporated by using custom valances or shades constructed of daring fabrics to make the space feel inviting. The kitchen lighting can be updated by blending different levels of lighting to highlight the room. The space should incorporate task, ambiance, accent and decorative lighting seamlessly. Instead of using a single large fixture in the center of the kitchen, opt for brighter task lighting underneath cabinets and over the island. Ambient lighting can be achieved by using flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, pendant lights or track lighting. Use accent lighting to highlight any artwork in the space or other decorative focal points. The use of decorative lighting includes chandeliers and other eye-catching fixtures that add an interesting aspect to the room.