What Are Some Good Kitchen Decorating Ideas for People on a Budget?

What Are Some Good Kitchen Decorating Ideas for People on a Budget?

Simple things such as painting the kitchen walls in bright colors, altering the lighting, adding mirrors or placing rugs are quick but inexpensive ways to spruce up a kitchen.

Decorating a kitchen on a budget doesn't have to be difficult, and it can be a way to use creative talents and imagination.

Home and Garden TV notes that lighting can dramatically change the feel of a room. Add an inexpensive light fixture in a corner of the kitchen or in the middle of the ceiling to give the room a warmer or brighter feel. Another simple decorative touch that doesn't cost a lot is making fake windows by painting a window onto the wall, then using thumb tacks to add frilly curtains around it. The website also suggests that lightly sanding down the edges of painted cabinets can give the cabinets a cozy cottage look.

Throw rugs, mason jars and canisters in a variety of colors add a bit a character to a kitchen. Additionally, as some of the kitchen photos on Country Living's website illustrate, using low shelves instead of cabinets or cupboards gives the kitchen an open and airy feel.

Apartments.com suggests using mirrors in the kitchen to help bounce sunlight around the room. The extra benefit is that mirrors can also make the kitchen appear larger.