What Are Some Good Japanese Landscape Design Ideas?


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Some good Japanese landscape design ideas include using natural paving, not allowing vegetation to get too crowded, decorating with blue senecio and juniper plants, and focusing on foliage, not flowers. An individual can attach staghorn ferns or other modest plants to walls to preserve space and give a sense of the indoors.

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Experts suggest that Japanese landscape design ideas should include art in some form. For instance, the art can be in the form of mimicry -- plants imitating a piece of art. Art can be living, such as a fish-filled pond or an interesting vintage piece such as a battleship mold. Art can also be in the form of objects that have significance to the owner. For example, an acorn picked up on a hike can be part of an outdoor table display.

Another key design idea is simplicity to give the feeling of peace and serenity. Overgrown plants or riotous colors takes away from this theme and can be replaced by ground-hugging plants and minimal flowers. Instead, a person can include variety of foliage that boasts different shapes, colors and textures, or he can make sure that the garden imitates nature. This can be accomplished by introducing natural elements to a design, such as log stools for seating and palm leaves for decoration.

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