What Are Some Good Instructions for Building a Wood Gate Frame?


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To build a wood gate frame, use a tape measure to measure the height and width of the gate opening. Gather the necessary tools, such as a clamp, table saw, drill, screws and wood glue. Select a sturdy type of wood with which to construct the frame. Cut the wood into two stiles and two rails with each about an inch smaller than the gate opening. Cut a diagonal cross piece with mitered edges. Fasten with wood glue and screws.

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Cedar is a very sturdy wood and naturally resists water damage and decay, making it an ideal choice of lumber if the gate is meant to be used outdoors. The frame pieces should be at least an inch less tall and wide than the gate opening so the hinges can function properly and the gate does not drag on the ground. Cut the diagonal cross brace piece so it fits neatly and snugly into the corners where the stiles meet the rails.

Create pocket holes on the stiles and diagonal cross piece with a pocket hole jig. Each stile should have three to four pocket holes while the diagonal cross piece should have two pocket holes. Fasten the diagonal cross brace piece to the rest of the frame by drilling screws into the pocket holes until they extend into the stiles and rails securely. To avoid splitting the wood, pre-drill screw and nail holes in the wood of the frame.

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