What Is Some Good Information on Victorian Style Furniture?


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Victorian style furniture came into prominence between 1830 and 1901 as a result of advances in industrial manufacturing that made new types of furniture available to a developing middle class. Characteristics common to Victorian furniture include buttoned upholstery, intricate wood carving, and arched balloon or spoon backs.

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By the year 1835, the refined Grecian lines typical of the Regency period were no longer as popular as the showiness of the curved lines common to Victorian furniture. While the resulting furniture was more popular, the desire to keep prices low led to poor workmanship and construction hidden by ornaments and veneer. Generally, Victorian furniture made after 1850 suffers from these problems more than furniture made before this date.

Some items typical of a Victorian furniture collection include papier mache chairs, ottomans, somkers bows and ladies' writing desks known as davenports. Other items of furniture include chiffioniers, lootables, sutherland tables and telescopic tables. The telescopic table was strong, steady and featured bulbous turning that allowed for ample leg room. Some of the more recognizable types of Victorian furniture include the Chesterfield couch and the Abbotsford chair. Another item of furniture, a sideboard with a mirror in the back, came into mass production in 1840.

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