What Are Some Good Incinerating Toilets That Use Propane?


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The EcoJohn SR5, SR12 and Storburn 60K models are incinerating toilets that use propane to reduce human waste into sterile mineral ash and harmless vapor. These systems are considered to be an eco-friendly, water-free solution for disposal of human waste in situations where other means of disposal are not available.

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The EcoJohn SR5 model is ideal for use in cabins or in houseboats with up to four full-time people. For larger needs, such as on oil rigs or construction sites, the EcoJohn SR 12 model supports eight to 10 full-time people. The Storburn 60K model handles the average needs of eight to 10 workers for eight to 10 hours or for six to eight cottage residents using the facilities for about one hour per day.

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