What Are Some Good Ideas for Wall Sculpture Art?


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Wall sculpture art is as varied as the different types of art that exist, but can include oversized keys, compasses, swirls, birds and deer heads. The material of these sculptures can be metal, wood, plaster or even plastic in some cases. Many of these come in neutral colors, but some can be found in bright colors as well.

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Wall sculptures can come in one large piece or several small ones, depending on the style that homeowners seek. The ones that come in individual pieces allow for someone to arrange the pieces to work around other decor or spread them out to cover more of the wall. There are sculptures to match any style from retro to modern.

Retro styles include large gold vines with leaves that look like ornate swirls or even like miniature trees. Some people consider certain types of paintings to be wall sculptures as well. This consideration comes around when canvases are stacked or laid out in a way that gives a 3D effect to the art work. These are considered a more modern style. Sculptures of deer and people straddle the line somewhere between retro and modern, but can be unique style statements all the same. Many wall sculptures have lighting elements as well, like candle holders or electrical lights that add an extra dimension to the art work.

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