What Are Some Good Ideas for Organizing a Pantry?


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A few tips for organizing a pantry include organizing by specific zones, storing staple food items in glass jars for increased visibility and using baskets to group related items. Pots, pans and other kitchen tools can be hung whenever possible.

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What Are Some Good Ideas for Organizing a Pantry?
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The zones in an organized pantry should reflect the lifestyle of the pantry owner and can include baking supplies, quick breakfasts and general food. If he entertains often, has a family and has a busy day-to-day schedule, his zones can include baskets that contain entertainment items, such as wine, napkins and quick appetizers, and baskets that contain supplies for different meals. The way zones are organized within the pantry must also reflect how often he uses each zone. For instance, meal preparation zones must be within easy reach while entertainment zones and kitchen tools that are hardly used should be set to the side.

Glass jars or other clear containers should be used for staple food items, but no matter what is used, they should be airtight to prevent spoiling and to ward off pests. Containers that stack should be used in a pantry where space is an issue. A simple large shelf is an acceptable replacement for a homeowner that does not have a traditional walk-in pantry.

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