What Are Some Good Ideas for Organizing Your Closet?


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Good ideas for organizing a closet include using any available vertical space, keeping articles frequently used at eye level, and grouping items by size and function. Additional considerations to enhance organizing are adequate storage equipment, lighting and air filtering.

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Creating visual unity is a high-impact organizing trick. Using containers in matching colors and shapes, choosing a single style of hangers or creating blocks of items enhances the appearance of organization. Solutions enabling ease of use are necessary to ensure maintenance of any system put in place. Wheeled bins, pull out shelves, or a wire rack and basket configuration are efficient candidates for particular applications. Creative ideas include using an umbrella stand for rolled-up items, such as a yoga mat or a poster, filling old suitcases with out-of-season articles, and using hooks to add to vertical storage.

What is not in a closet is an important element of organizing. The type of closet influences its contents. Storing extra plates in a hall closet or bath towels in a bedroom closet cause clutter and inefficiency. Items that are out of place require relocation to better-suited storage areas. Outdated, duplicated and seldom-used articles belong in a yard sale, a charitable donation center or the trash.

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