What Are Some Good Ideas for Kitchen Layouts?

good-ideas-kitchen-layouts Credit: moodboard/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Some good kitchen layouts include the L-shape with or without a kitchen island, the U-shape with or without an island, the galley layout and the one-wall layout. The choice of layout depends on the size of the kitchen and how many cooks expect to be in the kitchen together.

An L-shaped kitchen with an island can offer the most flexibility for cooking and gathering. Each leg of the L can function as a separate zone, with one leg containing the oven and microwave for cooking and the other containing the sink and dishwasher for cleaning. The island provides a third zone for entertaining, perhaps with stools and a wine cellar beneath the counter or for more food preparation with room for appliances and a sink.

An L-shaped kitchen without an island works for small and medium-size kitchens. It eliminates traffic, but if there are two cooks, a different layout may be better.

Larger kitchens can use a U-shape with an island, which offers more cabinet and work space. Without an island, it is efficient for one cook but too small for a table and chairs.

Galley and one-wall kitchens fit best in small spaces.