What Are Some Good Ideas for Family Rooms?


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Letting in lots of light, decorating with memories, creating a conversation corner, setting up a reading spot, getting creative with the ceiling and using bold accessories are all things one can do to decorate a family room. While the size, shape and location of a family room might limit some ideas, many decorating ideas can be scaled to suit individual family rooms.

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A simple way to let in more natural light into a family room is to install floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. One who decorates with memories is able to take items or furniture from the homes of grandparents or from her home in her youth and work them into the design of the current family room. Creating a conversation corner can be as simple as setting up a couch or a couple of chairs in an area where people in the room are forced to look toward one another rather than toward the center of the room.

Even in small rooms, one can create a reading spot by setting up a comfy chair next to an end table or bookshelf. Though ceilings are sometimes ignored, one could simply add some wood paneling or paint it to change the look of a family room. Likewise, bold accessories, such as colorful throw pillows, can do a lot to change the feel of a family room.

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