What Are Some Good Ideas for Deco Mesh?


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Christmas tree decorations and wreaths are good ideas to use Deco Mesh in. Deco Mesh is a popular material in these decorations because it retains its shape when bunched or puffed.

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What Are Some Good Ideas for Deco Mesh?
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To use Deco Mesh as a Christmas tree decoration, individuals should attach the mesh to an artificial garland and wrap it around the tree or add it to the tree vertically. Alternatively, they can attach the mesh to the tree in one piece, weaving in and out and around the tree. Another option is to cut 20 inch pieces and place them inside the tree at different locations or cut 12 inch pieces and twist onto the branches of the tree.

To use Deco Mesh to make a ruffle wreath, individuals can obtain a standard wreath form and cable ties. They should paint both items in a similar color as the mesh. After gathering and pinching the mesh width wise eight inches from the beginning of the roll, individuals should place the mesh on one of the wires. They should then attach the mesh to the wire with the cable tie and place the tail of the cable tie around the wire and again to the back. Users should then push the tail through the head of the cable tie and pull it. They should then place the second gather of mesh two to three inches from the first attachment point and secure with a cable tie. When done, individuals should pull the cable ties tightly and secure the ruffles in place.

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