Why Is It a Good Idea to Wear Rubber Gloves When Washing Dishes?

good-idea-wear-rubber-gloves-washing-dishes Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

A common reason people wear rubber gloves while doing dishes is to protect the skin of the hands. Hot water and chemicals from dish soaps can dry out skin. Dermatologists recommend wearing gloves when working with cleaning products and water.

In addition to helping keep skin soft, rubber gloves protect the hands from infection. It is a good idea to wear gloves while doing the dishes to cover cuts and abrasions. Gloves protect these cuts from the pain and infections possible from coming into contact with dirty and soapy water.

Wearing rubber gloves also provides a better grip while washing dishes, as soapy water makes dishes slippery. In the event of a dish breaking, gloves will help prevent injury to the hands from sharp debris hiding in murky, sudsy water.

Some people like to wear gloves when doing dishes so they do not have to touch old food particles and used utensils. Rubber gloves are an ideal way to avoid coming into contact with germs found on used dishes and utensils.

Rubber gloves also protect the nails. Water and soap chemicals weaken the nails, making them more vulnerable to breaking and tearing. In addition, wearing gloves can help prevent nail polish from chipping.