What Is a Good Homemade Pesticide for Whiteflies?

Mixing one tablespoon of dish soap with one cup of vegetable oil creates a homemade whitefly insecticide. Dilute this mixture with water and shake it thoroughly before spraying plants. This solution kills adult whiteflies and smothers larva and eggs. Spray the underside of leaves during each application and reapply as needed after rains or watering. Most homemade whitefly insecticides are suitable for use on indoor houseplants and outdoor gardens.

Mixing five parts water with two parts rubbing alcohol and 1 tablespoon of dish soap produces another homemade pesticide that may be effective for treating whitefly infestations. Ladybugs and spiders are both natural predators of the whitefly and may be helpful in dealing with infestations. Adult female whiteflys may lay up to 400 eggs. These eggs are typically found in a circular pattern on the underside of plant leaves and hatch within one to four weeks.

Whiteflies are soft-bodied, winged insects that are closely related to aphids. This insect family is a common pest that attacks both vegetable and landscape plants. Whiteflies feed on plant sap, which causes infection that results in yellowing and death. Whitefly populations can multiply quickly, so use insecticide promptly in order to get infestations under control.