What Are Some Good Homemade Methods of Fly Control?

What Are Some Good Homemade Methods of Fly Control?

Homemade methods of fly control include setting traps for them, using pepper to kill them and using essential oils to deter them. Water-filled plastic bags also put off flies.

Pour heated apple cider vinegar in a jar, and punch some holes that can fit a fly on the lid, or place a funnel in the jar’s opening. Flies get in the jar and are unable to escape out. Substitute the apple cider vinegar with overripe fruit or wine.

Make a fly repellent using cloves and a lemon. Place cloves into a half cut lemon and place it on the dining table to keep off flies. Water in a plastic bag helps to put off flies because it distorts their vision.

Essential oils such as lavender and lemon grass repel flies. Put some lemongrass oil in a spray bottle, add some water, and spray around the house and on flies to chase them away.

Mix some cayenne pepper and water in a spray bottle, then spray around to kill flies. Since flies breed mostly in drains, pouring a mixture of vinegar and hot water down the drains destroys their breeding grounds and kills their larvae.