What Are Some Good Homemade Lawn Weed Killers?

What Are Some Good Homemade Lawn Weed Killers?

Good homemade lawn weed killers include salt, boiling water and vinegar. Covering weeds with newspapers is also a good way to get rid of weeds naturally.

A lot of commercial weed killers contain harsh chemicals. However, gardeners can get rid of weeds in the lawn using a few common household supplies. Gardeners can apply vinegar, boiling water or salt directly to weeds to rob them of nutrients or place them under stress. Gardeners should use these carefully and avoid sprinkling them on grass or on garden plants, as they can kill any kind of plant. Salt tends to work well for weeds growing around edges and borders, whereas vinegar can seep deeper into the soil to kill weeds with deep roots, such as dandelion and plantains.

Covering weeds with newspaper robs them of their light source and keeps them from growing. However, the lack of sunlight can also kill other plants, such as grass.

Pulling weeds is a very effective way of removing them from the garden. Weeds like dandelion, chicory and dock are edible, so gardeners can toss them in salads or cook them like spinach after pulling them.

To prevent weeds from growing in the first place, gardeners can regularly apply lime to their lawns. Lime adds calcium to the soil and helps neutralize acidic soil. Some weeds, such as moss thrive,in acidic conditions, so liming the soil can help keep these at bay. Acidic soil also prevents grass from thriving, which makes it easier for weeds to compete.