What Is a Good Home Remedy for Ridding Your Yard of Moles?


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Home remedies for mole removal are generally proven to be ineffective. Trapping is one of the most effective remedies for eliminating moles from a yard. Another effective remedy is poison worm baits.

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Two types of mole traps are used to physically trap and remove moles from yards. These are scissor traps and harpoon traps. Scissor traps are placed inside of deep mole runs and in subsurface areas. Alternatively, the harpoon trap is also a good choice. Harpoon traps are more effective in mole runs that are near the ground surface.

When moles dig tunnels through yards they are usually searching for earthworms, which are always present in the soil. As such, another option is poison bait—worm baits containing bromethalin work well in this case. Packaged poison mole worms resemble earthworms and are appealing in smell and taste to moles.

Despite popular belief, remedies such as chewing gum, moth balls and ultrasonic devices fail to deter invasive yard moles. These home remedies do not take into consideration the unique nature of moles. Moles are different from rodents or other such animals. Moles cannot be baited with common rodent foods such as seeds or grubs, and therefore grub elimination also does not work.

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