What Are Some Good Home Remedies to Kill Roaches?

Some good remedies to kill roaches include using sticky traps, roach motels, glue bait and boric acid. In order to find the roaches, use a flashlight. Roaches often hide in crevices of cabinets, in corners of closed doors, in bathroom cabinets and underneath large appliances or sinks.

After locating the roaches, set the traps or glue strips. Glue strips and sticky traps work by having a scent or bait that causes a roach to walk over them and become stuck. The roach can then be disposed of. Larger traps, such as roach motels, use bait inside the trap. The roach goes in to get the bait, then the trap closes behind it, and you can kill and dispose of the roach.

A good home remedy for killing roaches is a mixture of three parts borax and one part sugar. After thoroughly combining the substances, sprinkle the mixture wherever you have seen roaches, such as along baseboards, in cracks, under cabinets and under the sink.

The borax and sugar combination works because sugar lures the roaches to the particles. The borax works the same way commercial roach killing spray does: It dehydrates the roaches' exoskeletons.

Another home remedy for getting rid of roaches is baking soda mixed with a bit of sugar as bait. Distribute this in infested areas, such as behind the refrigerator.