What Are Some Good Home Remedies to Clean a Jacuzzi?


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Some homemade cleaning options for Jacuzzi tubs include scrubbing the tub with baking soda and using vinegar to remove reddish stains from the tub’s walls. However, because baking soda may lower the pH of the water, it is necessary to test the water after cleaning and add any necessary chemicals.

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To clean the scum from around the tub’s water line, lower the water level in the tub, dip a cloth or sponge in baking soda, and rub the baking soda onto the tub’s walls to remove accumulated material. Rinse the residue off the walls. Use vinegar to remove any red or brown stains caused by hard water. Refill the tub to the recommended water level, test the water, and add chemicals as necessary to rebalance the water chemistry in the tub.

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