What Are Some Good Home Builder Kits?

kitHAUS, Oregon Dome and Bungalow in a Box produce good home building kits, according to Dwell. The LV Series by Rocio Romero also contains highly rated kits.

kitHAUS produces aluminum home building kits in modern designs. They feature insulated walls and floors and glazed windows. These houses also resist termites, mold and rust. kitHAUS provides professional assembly, which takes several days.

Oregon Dome home kits feature disaster-resistant geodesic domed roofs that withstand hurricane-force winds. The roofs are made from a mixture of Douglas Fir and Larch panels connected by 4-inch bolts. The company offers a large variety of energy-efficient kit plans. Professional assembly is not required, although the purchase price of each kit includes the services of an Oregon Dome construction supervisor.

Bungalow in a Box produces custom panel-framed home building kits. Each kit includes cut, unfinished timber, but customers must supply the remaining home components. Most kits assemble in one or two days.

The LV Series of home building kits features simple, modern designs by architect and designer Rocio Romero. Each home has a steel infrastructure and many large windows. Homes in the LV Series require professional assembly. Rocio Romero also produces an extensive line of home furnishings and decorative items.