What Are Some Good Herb Garden Plans?


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Rosemary, thyme, sage and mint are all very easy to grow and are great herbs to have in a garden. Chives, parsley, oregano, cilantro and basil are all very useful in cooking and require little care.

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What Are Some Good Herb Garden Plans?
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Rosemary is very drought-tolerant, and because it is a perennial, it requires little care and maintenance. Thyme is a perfect herb for grilling and stewing, and because it acts similar to a ground cover, it is great for edging beds or container gardening. Sage and mint are both prolific growers and require regular cutting back to control their growth. Because mint spreads aggressively, it is best to plant it in a container. Chives are a perennial that can spice up a salad and require little care for a continual harvest. Parsley is an annual that in many climates can overwinter, resulting in a harvest year after year. Oregano is another ground cover, but unlike similar herbs, it does not spread aggressively. Cilantro can be grown annually from seed, although it has a tendency to bolt when warm weather arrives. Basil is another annual that can be planted from seed. It produces new leaves all summer long when flower heads are pinched off to prevent seeding.

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