What Are Some Good Hacks to Use With Ikea Murphy Bed Kits?

What Are Some Good Hacks to Use With Ikea Murphy Bed Kits?

Combining a Murphy bed with a fold-up desk, decorative facings, wardrobes, shelving units and a sofa are some hacks to use with Ikea Murphy bed kits. The hacks require precise measurements and a thorough understanding of the bed's mechanism to ensure safe operation.

Building a fold-up desk attached to a Murphy bed requires plywood, Ikea table parts and gas dampers with the bed kit. The plan, from Vanessa Shaffer Designs, ensures the desk remains parallel to the ground and below the bed during retraction. Lowering the bed does not require clearing off the desk.

Another approach creates a Moddi Murphy bed that sits behind a decorative panel when not in use. The detailed designs are available for a small price on the company's website, ModdiDayPeople.com.

KSCR Home Decorating Ideas demonstrates using Ikea Pax wardrobe kits with the Murphy bed kit to create a custom solution. Varying the wardrobe options allows a curio shelf look or closet and drawer functionality. Typically, two wardrobe kits frame the bed for a balanced effect.

Apartment Therapy suggests a Murphy bed installed above a sofa. Using a Murphy bed kit, an Ikea sofa and a light-weight Ikea mattress, the design requires removing the sofa cushions before lowering the bed. The sofa provides some of the support for the bed when in use.