What Are Some Good Grill Pans?


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Some of the best grill pans include the Staub 12-inch grill pan and press and the Le Creuset square skillet grill, according to Tasting Table. Another addition to the list is the Calphalon contemporary grill pan, which is a more affordable option for home cooks.

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The Staub grill pan has high ridges that help leave good grill marks in food and ensure that fatty meats, such as hamburgers and steaks, cook above the grease. The Le Creuset grill pan features convenient pour spouts that make pouring out grease easier. The Calphalon grill pan features a non-stick surface that makes cooking a quick meal easy because of the lack of cleanup after. Because it is made of aluminum, it heats faster than the other two grill pans that are made of cast iron.

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