What Are Some Good Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas?


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Most galley kitchen remodel ideas revolve around maximizing space. Make use of as much space in the area as possible by moving upper cabinets closer to the ceiling. Another space-saving idea is to install lazy-susan cabinets to double the storage space for canned goods and small appliances. Roll-out shelves are another fantastic space saver.

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Remodeling a galley kitchen is an opportunity to modernize and increase the efficiency of the space. The first rule of thumb is to choose a design plan appropriate for galley kitchens. Trying to squeeze in a kitchen island, for instance, is not appropriate because it reduces functional space. Stick with updating upper and lower cabinets, counters, stove and refrigerator.

If the sink is going to be replaced, choose a smaller size to free up more counter space. Most galley kitchen makeovers strive to create a seamless uniformity between the sink, counter tops, lower cabinets and appliances. One example of uniformity is choosing stainless steel for the counters, appliances and cabinets. Create an earthier design by installing butcher block counters and shelving.

Make the kitchen seem much larger by utilizing neutral colors like white, beige or tan. When neutrals are paired smartly with natural light, the kitchen brightens dramatically. Replace worn tile with beautiful dark or light wood flooring. Close off the kitchen area, when necessary, by installing sliding wooden doors.

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