What Are Some Good Furniture Innovations for Senior Citizens?

What Are Some Good Furniture Innovations for Senior Citizens?

Furniture innovations for senior citizens include furniture risers, electric recliner lift chairs and reclining beds. Important qualities for furniture used by senior citizens include comfort and durability.

Furniture risers typically add 2 to 5 inches to furniture height. They go beneath the base of the furniture's legs or supports. Senior citizens are able to get in and out of furniture more easily when it is raised.

Electric recliner lift chairs have motors that raise and lower the chairs. The senior citizen can raise the chair when getting in and out and lower it when he is seated. The reclining ability varies depending on the chair. Some chairs recline to about 45 degrees, while others are capable of reclining to an almost horizontal position. An alternative option is electric chairs with rising seat cushions.

Reclining beds for home use typically have similar features to the reclining beds in hospitals, although they are designed to be more comfortable. They recline at the headboard and baseboard. This makes it easier for senior citizens to get in and out and allows them to choose their sleeping positions.

Safety is an important consideration for the furniture of senior citizens. They should avoid furniture that has wheels or that tips over easily. Furniture with glass or sharp edges is also dangerous, as it can cause harm if a person falls on it.