What Are Some Good Freeze Dryers for Home Use?

What Are Some Good Freeze Dryers for Home Use?

Harvest Right freeze dryers are designed for home use and are compact enough to sit on a kitchen counter or table. Harvest Right is the first home freeze drying appliance of its kind as of 2015.

Harvest Right offers its basic freeze dryer model and also sells a scientific model made of stainless steel. Its consumer model is a square 30-inch box design with a circular mid-section that holds food trays. The unit resembles a mini washing machine and has a clear door that allows users to view food as it goes through the freeze drying process.

Customers can purchase Harvest Right freeze dryers in colors such as blue, white and red, or opt for stainless steel. Food is preserved with a commercial grade vacuum pump capable of preserving two gallons worth of food in a 24-hour period.

Harvest Right freeze dryers are easy to set up and weigh 100 pounds. Units operate on a standard 110-Volt power outlet. The company's scientific model is made of stainless steel, has the same physical dimensions and operating features, but costs twice as much as the basic model.

Harvest Right freeze dryers are the invention of Dan Neville, and units are designed for fast operation. These home freeze dryers are intended to be affordable for families seeking to preserve batches of fresh food at home.