What Are Some Good Flowers for Landscaping Beds?


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Some of the best and easiest to maintain flowers for landscaping beds include Alstroemeria, Catmint, Veronica, Lady's Mantle and various bulb flowers. Selecting flowers that bloom continuously or at various times of year results in a continuous visual attraction. Creating depth with flowers of various heights and textures can also be accomplished by using flowers like those listed.

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Selecting flowers that grow well in your growing region helps to create a visually pleasing, low maintenance landscaping presentation. Blanket Flowers, Asters, Switchgrass and Lavender all add color, texture and fragrance, and these can be planted and arranged in a variety of ways in any landscaping bed. These plants and others like them are easy to maintain, growing in most soil types and conditions, and are also drought and pest tolerant or resistant.

Bulb flowers, such as the tulip, narcissus, hyacinth and many varieties of the day lily, are easy to plant and arrange in landscaping beds. Planted in spring or fall, bulbs can be arranged in dense groups or spread along edges or other shrubs to accent existing landscaping or act as colorful features. In most growing regions, bulbs can be left in the ground after blooming and will continue to bloom year after year without pruning or feeding.

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