What Are Some Good Floating Dock Designs?


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Some good floating dock designs are straight, P-shaped and L-shaped designs. Other popular designs include T-shaped and U-shaped designs. Floating docks stay at a constant height above water which makes them ideal for deep water, fluctuating water and soft lake bed conditions.

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A straight design allows for multiple mooring locations and is simple and economical. The P-shaped design is the most common and practical dock design. It allows for a smaller walkway and seating space if required. An L-shaped design allows for more mooring space and is sturdy enough to handle more weight. It is an economical and a stable design.

The T-shaped design is ideal for small rivers where a long dock is not possible. It allows for one big mooring location with easy access and a couple of protected locations for smaller craft. The pier length allows the dock to flex with the water currents and prevents storm damage.

The U-shaped design offers great protection to the boat and leaves two other spots for additional boats or visitors. One side of this design is small and allows for boat access only whereas the other side is large enough for chairs and entertaining. A typical floating dock installation includes securing the ramp to the shore using either bedrock hardware or attaching it to a concrete pier or an existing structure.

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