What Are Some Good Flexible Hoses?


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The Pocket Hose, the FlexAble Hose and the DAP XHose are good flexible hoses, according to ConsumerReports.org. These hoses all received good marks on the tests the Consumer Reports technicians put them through during the writing of their review.

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The Pocket Hose has received good reviews for not kinking or twisting up when in use, and even when it is kinked, tests show that it does not lose flow. The Pocket Hose has also received good reviews for being affordable, lightweight and easy to manage. This hose expands to its full capacity when filled with water, but shrinks back to a more manageable size when not in use.

The DAP XHose operates under the same principle as the Pocket Hose in that it expands to full size when in use and contracts again when empty. The hose is made of a lightweight material and can extend to 25 feet. It also comes in several different sizes so customers can choose the one best suited for their yards.

The FlexAble Hose is very similar to the DAP XHose and comes in three different sizes, each with its own spray gun attachment. It has received good reviews for being easier to use and carry than a traditional hose, and for maintaining a strong amount of water pressure at all times.

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