What Are Some Good Fixes for Broken Sliding Doors?


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Some good fixes for broken sliding doors include cleaning the rollers to fix a balky door, adjusting the roller or door level and repairing or cleaning the door track. If the glass is broken or the door will not move at all, it is advised to call a contractor or repairman to handle the issue, as noted by This Old House.

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In order to clean the rollers on a door it may need to be lifted out. Most doors can be removed by lifting straight up to get the bottom rollers out of the track and tilting it at an angle so that it clears the upper rollers. Once the door is out, the rollers can be cleaned by wiping dirt, dust or grime off. In some cases the rollers may need to be unscrewed and given a more complete cleaning. This can be done with turpentine or another strong cleaner.

Most rollers on sliding doors can have the height adjusted by turning a screw or a hex key until it is working properly, according to The Family Handyman. Years of wear and tear can cause the tracks to bend or be affected by weather. If the wood around the metal door frame swells it can cause the track to move or bend causing the door to hang on the track. Cleaning the door track is as simple as vacuuming debris or dirt out of the track whenever you clean the room the door is located in.

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