What Are Some Good Exterior Paint Ideas?


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Good exterior paint colors include: light gray walls with white trim and red accents, such as shutters and doors; a velvet brown scheme with dark brown walls and light green trim; a coastal theme with white or off-white walls and light blue trim; or a natural and harmonious look with virtually identical neutral nudes, such as off-white, light yellow or tan for walls and trim. Different sets of exterior colors work well together to create aesthetically pleasing design schemes that convey a mood or theme and blend harmoniously with surroundings. Therefore, authors at Southern Living suggest an array of combinations, such as coastal, warm and yellow, natural, light and fresh and timeless to inspire homeowners.

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For homeowners looking for a clean, classic and elegant look, light color combinations featuring whites work well. Combinations to consider, say authors at Southern Living, include classic white, blue blend, simple and clean and casual cream. Classic white combinations feature bright white for the walls, with a slightly lighter shade for the trim, such as soft rose or buttercup. Having a slightly lighter trim adds brightness and subtle contrast while maintaining an elegant, sophisticated look.

For more contrast, combinations like coastal charm, light and fresh, and bright and cheery work well. Coastal charm, featured on Southern Living's website, includes a coffee brown shade for walls, turquoise trim and mid-shade red for the doors. Light and fresh displays forest green shutters and purple-red, glossy doors against a white or off-white house color. Lastly, a bright and cheery combination pairs a white or slightly off-white house color, with yellow undertones, with dark green trims and snapdragon red doors.

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