What Are Some Good Examples of a Roof Construction Diagram?


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Some good examples of roof construction diagrams include Hip, Mansard, Gambrel, Skillion, Butterfly, Gable and Dutch Gable diagrams, which feature on Roofcalc.net, Extremehowto.com and Thesimple.xyz. These sites deal with various carpentry and construction projects for both residential and commercial facilities.

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Roofcalc.net provides expert advice regarding various types of roof construction suitable for different structures through its roof construction diagrams available on the site. The site gives diagrams of each type of roof construction and states its pros and cons, materials it uses and additional examples in its category. The site features Gable roof construction diagram most commonly used in homes. This featured roof is triangular in shape and comes in different types including Side Gable, Front Gable, Dutch Gable and Crossed Gable.

Extreme How-to features basic roof construction designs and roof framing skills in carpentry. The site provides information on five basic types of roof construction drawings which include Shed, Hip, Gambrel, Mansard and Gable. The site provides step by step procedures of making these examples of roof construction structures using diagrams and videos.

The Simple focuses on different types of roof construction plans and roofing designs that include timber roof truss. The site presents diagrams with measurements for different roofing projects that feature different types of roof construction plans.

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