What Are Some Good Evergreen Shrubs for the Yard?

What Are Some Good Evergreen Shrubs for the Yard?

Some hardy evergreen shrubs for yards include the viburnum, lavender, Japanese mock orange and Japanese aralia. Each of these stays green all year long, and some produce flowers during the spring.

For a compact and dense shrub, try planting the viburnum. It produces groups of red flowers in the late winter and early spring, and its leaves are pointed with yellow edges. This type of evergreen shrub grows well in areas with mild winters.

Lavender is a shrub that stays green all year round and produces long, thin gray-green leaves. Its flowers are purple, and it adds a lovely fragrance to a yard or garden.

Another thick, dense evergreen shrub is the Japanese mock orange. With glossy, dark green leaves and fragrant flowers, this shrub produces an orange blossom scent in its white flowers during the spring.

Those wanting a larger evergreen shrub may like the Japanese aralia. This large plant has hand-shaped leaves and produces white flowers in the spring. After flowering, the plant produces black berries.

Other evergreen shrubs include the flowering oregano plant, bay leaf evergreen, heath and spurge. Some, like the bay leaf evergreen, take to sculpturing well. Others, like the heath, are low growing, making them a good choice for providing ground cover.