What Are Some Good Entrance Mat Designs?

What Are Some Good Entrance Mat Designs?

Depending on whether the mat is in either a high or moderate traffic area, some good mat design and material options can include different patterned waterhog types, chevron, Berber, rubber, carpet or vinyl. However, different types of waterhog mats are very popular choices for indoor or outdoor entrance mats, as noted by the American Floor Mats website.

The different types of waterhog entrance mats include waffle pattern, diamond ridge and basketweave designs. These different waterhog mats are made from polypropylene material and have rubber and reinforced backing and sides. Waterhog mats are suitable for both moderate and high traffic areas.

Berber mats are other options for an entrance. For commercial use in heavy traffic areas, the super Berber entrance mat can be appropriate. This dense mat is made from woven polypropylene fiber that is needle-punched into the rubber backing.

Ribbed and chevron mats have raised ribs that act as trenches that can hold dirt from shoes. These entrance mats are appropriate for moderate traffic areas. Rubber mats with raised patterns are other may types, which can be very strong and durable for entrances. However, full-on rubber mats may not be suitable for winter time because exposure to extreme cold temperatures may damage the rubber, as noted by Huffington Post.

When choosing entrance mats, some factors to consider are whether the mat is either for indoor or outdoor use and the type of traffic in the area for the mat placement. For a heavy traffic area, a suitable choice may be a mat that has a scraper surface.