What Are Some Good Electric Fireplace Insert Brands?

What Are Some Good Electric Fireplace Insert Brands?

As of November 2015, ProCom, SpectraFire and AKDY are good electric fireplace insert brands according to consumer reviews at online retailers. Models in each brand earn ratings of at least four out of five stars.

At Lowes.com, the ProCom 28.75-inch vent-free dual-burner gas fireplace insert gets high marks for its appearance and heating ability. It warms spaces up to 1,000 square feet. Some consumers recommend it as a back-up for a home's heating system. Several individuals mention that they wish the unit included a remote.

HomeDepot.com site has several well-rated SpectraFire vent-free electric fireplace inserts either 36 or 39 inches long. Reviews state that the fire appears realistic, the heat is easy to control and the units are simple to install. Comments also mention that the inserts are reasonably priced, and some have flames that change color. One warning is that rewiring is sometimes necessary.

At Amazon.com, AKDY inserts range in size from 23 inches to 36 inches. Certain ones come with remote controls. Reviewers say that the flames look real. Some like the option of having the fire on without heat coming out of it.

According to comments, AKDY inserts function like powerful space heaters but are more attractive. Several individuals remark that the inserts look like more expensive units.