How Do You Find a Good Driveway Paving Contractor?

How Do You Find a Good Driveway Paving Contractor?

Search the Internet for a reputable contractor and look at the ratings and reviews from previous customers, notes Schedule an appointment with several contractors and ask for references and pictures of previous work completed.

The most important thing to remember when searching for a driveway paving contractor is that if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Unsolicited offers or contractors who use leftover materials from previous jobs at a discount may result in a driveway that needs to be repaired very soon. Use the steps below to find and hire a contractor.

  1. Get online
  2. Get on the Internet and search for paving contractors in the area. Use a site such as to find local paving companies. Select a contractor from the search results.

    1. Check references
    2. If multiple reviews are not available online, contact the company and ask for references. Contact these people and inquire about the company's performance. Past clients may share photos of finished jobs and other valuable information.

    3. Get estimates
    4. Walk the driveway with several different contractors and ask them to mark the area that needs paving. Get written estimates from each contractor and compare them to determine the right deal. Sometimes it is prudent to choose a more expensive company to ensure the job gets done properly.

    5. Be sure to discuss drainage options
    6. If drainage is a concern, discuss the slope and drainage with the contractor.

    Finding a reputable contractor can mean the difference between repaving again in a year or two and a driveway that lasts for 20 years or more. Get recommendations from friends and families and check out each candidate to find the best one for the job. Always hire a contractor with proper insurance and bonding, and avoid a contractor who claims to have a new or innovative way of installing a driveway, notes