What Are Some Good Drill Bits for Concrete?


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Masonry bits are the best drill bits for concrete, particularly those with a tungsten carbide tip or durium tip. It is best to use a hammer drill for concrete, but a regular drill with a masonry bit should suffice with proper technique and patience.

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To drill through concrete, use a drill with a hammer setting, variable speeds, a side handle for a strong grip and a depth setting. You may use a regular drill with a masonry bit, but the process takes less time with a hammer drill. When using a regular drill, stop the drill at regular intervals, and use water to prevent the bit from overheating.

When drilling concrete, make sure you have complete control of the drill, and use the lowest speed setting to start the hole. If your drill doesn't have a slow setting, drill in short spurts. Hold the drill perpendicular to the wall using the drill handles, or use your hand to hold the back of the drill.

Once you start the hole, allow the drill to continue boring until you reach the desired depth. Use a masonry nail to clear any obstruction you encounter while drilling. When the hole is complete, use a pump to clear the concrete dust from the hole.

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