What Are Some Good Designs for Small Tree Houses?


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Some good designs and plans for small tree houses include Ploughman's Perch, Mahal, Maven, Casa Heli and Forest Den. There is no standard formula for building a tree house, as each selected group of trees will have a unique configuration for positioning of prospective load bearing limbs and trunks, as stated by the founder of Living Tree, LLC.

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The ploughman's perch is ideally nestled 20 feet high in the white pine foliage of an island or a lakeshore. The deck of the tree house is not only a view of the lake but also serves more thrilling purposes such as a diving board. A professional should help build and install the platform, and then the owner personalizes the rest.

Treehouse Mahal is built in the image and likeness of the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Jigsaws are used to fashion plywood into ornate trim, to emulate some of the features of the actual mausoleum. It structurally comprises laminated redwood joist and beams.

The Casa Heli design takes on hexagonal, honeycomb-like form and generally dappled among circuitous elevated walkaways, staircases and small cabin clusters. The Forest Den design is similar to that of Casa Heli only that its components are bound using ropes and not nails. The Maven design is office like and built with the fine art of arboreal abodes.

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