What Are Some Good Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms?


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One good idea for decorating a living room is to add color to the space. Color can be incorporated through the use of window treatments, throw pillows, rugs and furnishings. Art can also be used to spruce up a space by selecting pieces that coordinate with the colors being used.

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When choosing throw pillows for the living room, focus on those that can add interesting textures and patterns to the space. Different patterns can also be combined, as long as the size of the patterns work well together. Using two large patterns throws off the look of the room. Instead, use a large pattern in a subdued color with a small or medium pattern in a brighter hue to create a focal point in the space.

Artwork can also be used as the focal point in the living room when a neutral background is used for display. This works well when large pieces are hung over the fireplace because it creates a gallery-like backdrop, which allows them to stand out.

Another way to decorate a living room is to incorporate shelves into the space to display items that have significant meaning. This works especially well for those that travel a great deal or those that have family heirlooms that hold sentimental value.

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