What Are Some Good Deck Cleaning Products?

Some of the best deck cleaning products include Restore-A-Deck Cleaner and Brightener Kit and EFC-38 Wood Deck Cleaner, according to DeckStainHelp.com. The Restore-A-Deck product has a 9.4 rating on the website, while the EFC-38 product has a 9.0.

The Restore-A-Deck Kit is designed for cleaning a deck before staining it. The cleaner removes dirt, grime, mold, mildew and gray wood hairs, while the brightener lightens the appearance of the wood before staining. The EFC-38 product helps remove graying wood, algae and mold. As of 2015, it is an affordable cleaner that costs about $0.04 per square foot. With both products, a pressure washer is the most effective way to completely rinse off any remaining dirt or grime, notes DeckStainHelp.com.