What Are Some Good Dandelion Weeding Tools?

What Are Some Good Dandelion Weeding Tools?

Some good dandelion weeding tools include a pressure sprayer, tank sprayer, dial sprayer and dandelion digger. A spreader and lawnmower are also handy tools, according to FamilyHandyman.com.

A small pressure sprayer can spray herbicide on individual dandelion plants. This helps kill the plants without spreading harmful chemicals throughout the yard. This tool works well for single weeds.

If the dandelions pop up in patches, a tank sprayer is a useful tool. This applies herbicide to slightly larger areas of the lawn or garden.

If the yard is filled with dandelions, smaller tools may be ineffective. A dial sprayer attaches to a garden hose, which allows it to spray herbicide over large surface areas.

Sometimes, hand-pulling dandelions is the ideal option for getting rid of these weeds. When pulling dandelions, it is important to pull out the entire root, as the plant can easily grow back from roots that are left behind. A dandelion digger makes it easier to get the root out of the ground. In a pinch, a spade can also do the job effectively, notes ThisOldHouse.com.

Spreading fertilizer on the lawn can be a good preventative measure for dealing with dandelions. Well-fed grass can thrive, which makes it harder for weeds to compete. A spreader can help spread fertilizer over lawns and other large areas. It is also a handy tool for applying weed and feed, which is a fertilizer and herbicide wrapped into a single product.

Mowing the lawn also makes it easier for grass to thrive. Use a lawnmower to keep grass cut to a quarter of an inch to three inches, depending on the species.